Tarawera Miler Training Diary Week 7- Off the wagon

Marathon training has it's ups and downs. This week, week 7 of Tarawera Miler training was a down. A long list of downs. With only 34 days to go, I didn't really want to have a crappy week. I had taken it easy during the You Yangs New Years Rock around the Clock marathon, walking… Continue reading Tarawera Miler Training Diary Week 7- Off the wagon


Tarawera Miler Training Diary- Week 6

I know I know. Last week I said I was going to be better. Well I wasn’t. It’s now 10am Saturday, it’s going to be 43 degrees (110 F) and I’m sitting around waiting for the weather for change. Yep! I’d two coffees and a mango deep into a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. I’m sure I… Continue reading Tarawera Miler Training Diary- Week 6

What I listen to on a run

When I talk to my non running friends about running a common theme bubbles to the surface; ‘don’t you get bored?’, ‘how do you keep going?’ I certainly didn’t wake up one morning and say to myself, ‘I’m going to run for 3 hours this morning’, it’s been a slow and gradual process over about… Continue reading What I listen to on a run

Thoughts on food- The Food diary

Some people may say I'm a fad dieter. I call it being a scientist and experimenting, where n=1. Without going deep and long form over my dieting history, it is safe to say there have been ups and downs in both weight and my mental attitude towards it. Mentally I've been unhealthy thin and unhealthy… Continue reading Thoughts on food- The Food diary

Tarawera Miler Training Diary- Week 2

Well well welcome back to the training diary. As I said with Week 1, I've been following a SquadRun program for a while whilst incorporating a few of my own little researched quirks. After a bit of my own research, I decided to create my own experiment (n=1) using the Zone 2 heart rate training… Continue reading Tarawera Miler Training Diary- Week 2

Tarawera Miler Training Diary- Week 1

Ok ok So it's not really week 1, I'm not going from zero to miler in 80 days (Although that would be a good experiment) but I am having a genuine crack at legit structured training. I've been with the team at SquadRun for about 18 months. I first signed up with Kerry and Ali… Continue reading Tarawera Miler Training Diary- Week 1

Veganize yo life!

“Veganize yo life”- That’s the advice my 10 yr + vegan friend gave me. Being a beginner vegan or newly minted plant based eater is a difficult place to find yourself. On one hand you are super stoked that you have taken a positive step for your health, animals and the environment but on the… Continue reading Veganize yo life!


Hello lovers! Apologies for being a bit MIA, I've had a few weeks. Last week I got married, ran a marathon, went interstate for work and had a birthday! But I have been continuing my little experiment which bloody Netflix keeps corrupting by adding more and more documentaries. Are you kidding me? How am I… Continue reading #PlasticFreeJuly

Got my keep cup!

Hello enviro lovers! Well I'm feeling quite a little bit impressed with myself. Now when you open my over sized hand bag, not only to lip balm, credit cards and organizers fly out, but so do re-usable shopping bags, a re-usable coffee cup and a water bottle! Everything but the kitchen sink. It's been working… Continue reading Got my keep cup!