Two Bays 56k Trail Ultra- race recap

There are some races that people just bleat about. Oh the course is so amazing, the views are epic, the volunteers are incredible, the medals are the best ever, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. The Two Bays Trail run, comprising of a 28K one way and a 56 K round trip option on… Continue reading Two Bays 56k Trail Ultra- race recap


Race Review: Great Barrier Reef Marathon

From the surface, it looks like any other road marathon. But the Great Barrier Reef Marathon, held in October in Port Douglas, QLD each year, has a few little features bubbling under the surface that only the astute scuba diver might discover. On the home stretch. Photo- Before I go into my personal experience… Continue reading Race Review: Great Barrier Reef Marathon

The “Vegan” progression, The RRP & Cowspiracy

I’d love to be one of those people who say “I went fully vegan when I was 12 because I saw what they were doing to the animals…. I even threw out all my clothes and my couch and my car!”. But I’m not. It’s funny, when you tell someone you are vegan you immediately… Continue reading The “Vegan” progression, The RRP & Cowspiracy