Veganize yo life!

“Veganize yo life”- That’s the advice my 10 yr + vegan friend gave me. Being a beginner vegan or newly minted plant based eater is a difficult place to find yourself. On one hand you are super stoked that you have taken a positive step for your health, animals and the environment but on the… Continue reading Veganize yo life!


The True Cost Challenge- Hurdle 1

Bugger. My 'True Cost' challenge this month has really been about thinking more about where my clothes come from and the 'true cost' for humanity and for the environment of the choices that I was making. Honestly I'm being doing really well. I'm not going to lie and say that in the last 9 days… Continue reading The True Cost Challenge- Hurdle 1

The True Cost- Wardrobe Audit Part 1

Challenge: The True Cost I’ve seen it now. I can’t ignore it. So what can I do about it? I don’t subscribe to the theory that one person can’t make a difference. Commercial companies whether that be milk producers, juice bars or clothing brands are there to make money. So I vote with my dollar.… Continue reading The True Cost- Wardrobe Audit Part 1

May Challenge: ‘The True Cost’

#1- ‘The True Cost’ Day 1, Month 1, Challenge 1 Documentary: The True Cost   Admittedly, when I declared I was going to do this challenge and try to find a take-away nugget to improve my life from the hours of mindlessly consumed Netflix content I was devouring, it seemed like a win win. My… Continue reading May Challenge: ‘The True Cost’