I stopped running and I didn’t die

I stopped running for a week and I didn't die! I had to go back into the archives of Strava all the way back to June 2015 to find a week without running. I had a run a 50k the week before and I guess I took a week off. I don't remember it. Honestly… Continue reading I stopped running and I didn’t die


Tarawera Miler Training Diary- Week 6

I know I know. Last week I said I was going to be better. Well I wasn’t. It’s now 10am Saturday, it’s going to be 43 degrees (110 F) and I’m sitting around waiting for the weather for change. Yep! I’d two coffees and a mango deep into a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. I’m sure I… Continue reading Tarawera Miler Training Diary- Week 6

Got my keep cup!

Hello enviro lovers! Well I'm feeling quite a little bit impressed with myself. Now when you open my over sized hand bag, not only to lip balm, credit cards and organizers fly out, but so do re-usable shopping bags, a re-usable coffee cup and a water bottle! Everything but the kitchen sink. It's been working… Continue reading Got my keep cup!

The True Cost- Wardrobe Audit Part 1

Challenge: The True Cost I’ve seen it now. I can’t ignore it. So what can I do about it? I don’t subscribe to the theory that one person can’t make a difference. Commercial companies whether that be milk producers, juice bars or clothing brands are there to make money. So I vote with my dollar.… Continue reading The True Cost- Wardrobe Audit Part 1

The “Vegan” progression, The RRP & Cowspiracy

I’d love to be one of those people who say “I went fully vegan when I was 12 because I saw what they were doing to the animals…. I even threw out all my clothes and my couch and my car!”. But I’m not. It’s funny, when you tell someone you are vegan you immediately… Continue reading The “Vegan” progression, The RRP & Cowspiracy