Thoughts on food- The Food diary

Some people may say I'm a fad dieter. I call it being a scientist and experimenting, where n=1. Without going deep and long form over my dieting history, it is safe to say there have been ups and downs in both weight and my mental attitude towards it. Mentally I've been unhealthy thin and unhealthy… Continue reading Thoughts on food- The Food diary


The “Vegan” progression, The RRP & Cowspiracy

I’d love to be one of those people who say “I went fully vegan when I was 12 because I saw what they were doing to the animals…. I even threw out all my clothes and my couch and my car!”. But I’m not. It’s funny, when you tell someone you are vegan you immediately… Continue reading The “Vegan” progression, The RRP & Cowspiracy