What I listen to on a run

When I talk to my non running friends about running a common theme bubbles to the surface; ‘don’t you get bored?’, ‘how do you keep going?’ I certainly didn’t wake up one morning and say to myself, ‘I’m going to run for 3 hours this morning’, it’s been a slow and gradual process over about… Continue reading What I listen to on a run


Get out there: You Yangs- Saddle Back Track

Welcome to the first installment 'Get out there' trail review posts. As a beginner trail runner, there were few things I found more daunting than finding somewhere to run. I was worried I would get lost, that I would run out of water, that I would wear the wrong shoes and the "real" trail runners… Continue reading Get out there: You Yangs- Saddle Back Track

Veganize yo life!

“Veganize yo life”- That’s the advice my 10 yr + vegan friend gave me. Being a beginner vegan or newly minted plant based eater is a difficult place to find yourself. On one hand you are super stoked that you have taken a positive step for your health, animals and the environment but on the… Continue reading Veganize yo life!

Race Review: Great Barrier Reef Marathon

From the surface, it looks like any other road marathon. But the Great Barrier Reef Marathon, held in October in Port Douglas, QLD each year, has a few little features bubbling under the surface that only the astute scuba diver might discover. On the home stretch. Photo- Marathon-Photos.com Before I go into my personal experience… Continue reading Race Review: Great Barrier Reef Marathon


Hello lovers! Apologies for being a bit MIA, I've had a few weeks. Last week I got married, ran a marathon, went interstate for work and had a birthday! But I have been continuing my little experiment which bloody Netflix keeps corrupting by adding more and more documentaries. Are you kidding me? How am I… Continue reading #PlasticFreeJuly

Got my keep cup!

Hello enviro lovers! Well I'm feeling quite a little bit impressed with myself. Now when you open my over sized hand bag, not only to lip balm, credit cards and organizers fly out, but so do re-usable shopping bags, a re-usable coffee cup and a water bottle! Everything but the kitchen sink. It's been working… Continue reading Got my keep cup!

Tackling the War on Waste

Don't worry I'm not being slack, I haven't disappeared or given up. In a minor deviation from the Netflix documentaries, I started watching The War on Waste which has become some what of a phenomenon here in Australia over the past couple of weeks. The first installment of the three part series, talked about food… Continue reading Tackling the War on Waste

Sustainable running gear review

So I have been a little MIA lately, but my challenge is still going. The True Cost challenge was a great start for me. I'm sorry I was slack on the sharing end. After my initial running gear audit, I had a look at the rest of my wardrobe and made a substantial donation to… Continue reading Sustainable running gear review

The True Cost Challenge- Hurdle 1

Bugger. My 'True Cost' challenge this month has really been about thinking more about where my clothes come from and the 'true cost' for humanity and for the environment of the choices that I was making. Honestly I'm being doing really well. I'm not going to lie and say that in the last 9 days… Continue reading The True Cost Challenge- Hurdle 1